Lansdowne Collection

The Lansdowne Collection began as a tribute to British cars of the 1950s but has since expanded to include the exotic and mundane from the 1930s through to the 1970s. Many long gone names from a once great British car industry are remembered here.

1936 Talbot 105 Airline Saloon
1960 Armstrong Siddeley Star Sapphire
1954 Jensen Interceptor 4-Seater Convertible
1952 Ford Pilot Station Wagon
1950 Jensen Interceptor 2-dr Saloon
1955 Bristol 405 Saloon
1936 Bentley-4 1.4 litre D.H.C. Park Ward
1936 Bentley 4 1/4 Litre “Barker” 4-door Saloon
1939 Bentley Embiricos – Circa 1971-1993 Road Car
1939 Bentley Embiricos “1949 Le Mans”
1939 Embiricos Bentley – Original Car
1948 Austin 16HP Saloon

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